2 Day Workshop with Robert Noreika

Two day Workshop with Robert Noreika, Branford, CT August 2019

Robert Noreika (NEWS Signature Member, AWS Signature Member) will teach a two day workshop on Sat-Sun August 3-4, 2019 at Linda S. Marino Art Studio and Gallery in Branford CT. “Paint Bold with Confidence” Workshop is designed for those who want to loose up and learn to paint with expressive brushwork. Robert Noreika shares his signature “fluid” painting method. Students are invited to work in watercolor, oils or acrylic, and will experience Robert’s relaxed teaching approach, which has been enjoyed by many students and professional artists through the years. Robert has an incredible ability to spontaneously see the big picture and transfer it onto paper by assessing different values and colors to create a painting, not an illustration. Students will learn to take the essence of the subject and transform it into a pleasing painting, while achieving strong, cohesive value patterns with interesting shapes.. Students of all levels, including beginners, will enjoy working with Robert in a structured and accommodating, yet humorous and fun atmosphere.

For more information and registration: https://www.lindasmarinoart.com/robert-noreika–paint-bold-with-confidence.html