Though anyone can learn to paint on their own, the best and fastest way to learn and avoid frustration is to find someone who can teach you the tricks and techniques. You'll speed your learning process and make bigger strides fast. Most instructors offer workshops, which are a one week course with other students. Some offer private lessons and group lessons you can take daily or weekly.

Use our directory to find an artist in your area. If you don't find one, search 'artist', 'plein air', and your town or area and contact them to see if they teach, or know someone who does. You may also find a plein air club in your area offering classes, and its members may invite you to paint with them.


San Jose

Suma CM

Workshops offered in urban sketching, on-location drawing/painting in watercolor.

Santa Barbara

Dorene White

Plein Air Artist in Santa Barbara Area. I enjoy sunrise paintings and nocturnes, so if you are inclined, contact me.
President of Southern California Artists Painting for the Environment, www.s-c-a-p-e.org and we have at least …

Santa Rosa

Marsha Connell

After many years in the studio as Adjunct Professor of Art at Santa Rosa Junior College, I’m now more available throughout the year for the pleasures of exploring and painting outside, and teaching plein air workshops. My goals as a teacher are to offer people tools and working processes that give them comfort and confidence to explore and create with joy.


Painting in the outdoors since 2003, as many days of the week as I can, hit 10,000 hours, I believe, and some days that makes for easier simplifications, setup, and flow. I have a very flexible schedule, so if you are in Sonoma County, or adjoining Napa or Marin counties, and want a painting buddy or demo or tips on being fearless, gear, etc., please contact me.


Ferreo ArtWorks

Please contact me via e-mail or facebook for a pleasant day or more of Outside Painting in the coastal or mountain regions of LA, CA. We will have the fun of painting and adventure mixed with the great Out Doors and its spectacular inspirational beauty.


Marian Fortunati

I love to paint outdoors. If you live in my area, please let me know if you’d like a “painting buddy”.

Thousand Oaks

Christopher L Cook

My artistic purpose is to support individuals in awakening their powerful essence and oneness with nature’s beauty. This is to be revealed in each painting as I capture a journey of feelings, places and visions. I consider our mind-body-spirit to be an extension of nature’s creative energy and my goal is to connect with this energy, to produce paintings which illuminate my flowering imagination, nourished by nature’s splendor and timeless elegance.



Jane Hunt

Jane Hunt is a 2016 and 2017 faculty member of the Plein Air Convention. The award-winning painter resides in Colorado, where she continues to be awed and inspired by the natural beauty surrounding her. Hunt teaches both plein air and studio painting and offers in-person and online mentoring.


Amy Evans Art

Private and group instruction in plein air painting.