San Luis Valley rain

Though anyone can learn to paint on their own, the best and fastest way to learn and avoid frustration is to find someone who can teach you the tricks and techniques. You'll speed your learning process and make bigger strides fast. Most instructors offer workshops, which are a one week course with other students. Some offer private lessons and group lessons you can take daily or weekly.

Use our directory to find an artist in your area. If you don't find one, search 'artist', 'plein air', and your town or area and contact them to see if they teach, or know someone who does. You may also find a plein air club in your area offering classes, and its members may invite you to paint with them.



Marchita Priest

href=””> Texas Hills[/caption]

San Angelo


National Juried Plein Air Competition held in San Angelo, Texas. Hosted by the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts

San Antonio

John Cox

I have been painting in oils and watercolors over 40 years. I recently moved back to Texas after nearly 40 years and would like to get back into plein air painting. Age and physical issue make it impossible for me to hike any more, but I see no reason for this to stop me from working some outdoor around Texas and possibly do some traveling to paint in the near future.

I have been a studio painter most of my career and doing sketches and photography for reference material. I would like to get back to more plein air work to a finished painting and not just sketches.

Universal City

Maren Phillips/ South Texas Plein Air

Offering private lessons and group workshops through arts organizations. Plein air paintings available, Portrait commissions, and Work available through galleries.


Tina Bohlman – Watercolor & Oil in the Plein Air Tradition

“My absolute favorite thing to do is paint on location. My absolute 2nd favorite thing to do is share with others what I have learned over my 40 year …





Stephen Jerome

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Carole Pivarnik

I am a watercolor artist working both plein air and in the studio. I teach watercolor workshops and offer private lessons. I am always game to join others for plein air painting, especially in and around Rappahannock County where I live and nearby Shenandoah National Park.


Barbara Ryan

I’m an oil painter wishing to be a “buddy” with others in my area to go out and paint some of our beautiful landscapes.

Falls Church

Alexia Scott, MFA

Born in the mid-west with vistas all around, I realized early that painting outside was the closest I could get to being a park ranger. I began my artistic career as an illustrator, which trapped me inside. Thanks to the computer in the \’90\’s taking all our jobs, I went back to school and studied with some great plein air painters. I work in both oil paint or pastels, switching from one to the other is exciting!

My artistic philosophy is to create in an environment of nature and pigments, to give the student and the viewer a visual place to renew.
Author of \”Pastel Painting is Transcendental\” a beginners guide to painting en plein air with pastels.