Fall Colours

Though anyone can learn to paint on their own, the best and fastest way to learn and avoid frustration is to find someone who can teach you the tricks and techniques. You'll speed your learning process and make bigger strides fast. Most instructors offer workshops, which are a one week course with other students. Some offer private lessons and group lessons you can take daily or weekly.

Use our directory to find an artist in your area. If you don't find one, search 'artist', 'plein air', and your town or area and contact them to see if they teach, or know someone who does. You may also find a plein air club in your area offering classes, and its members may invite you to paint with them.


Long Beach

Manhattan Beach

Louise Bahar

Would love to paint with folks in the greate Los Angeles area. I live in the South Bay, Manhattan Beach, but don’t mind driving. Let’s get together!

Mt. Shasta


Lori Corradi

I am available as an Art Teacher for both beginners and intermediate levels. I am also as available as a local painting buddy.

Dan Schultz

I own Dan Schultz Fine Art Gallery & Studio in downtown Ojai, California and offer classes and workshops for all levels in plein air painting, portrait and figure painting.

Palm Desert, CA

Marilyn Froggatt

Impressionist painter embracing the California Plein Air style.



Carole Gray-Weihman

I am a devoted painter of the “New American Impressionist Movement”. My mission, as a painter, is to effectively apply colors in a beautiful combination to transmit the many moods of nature. I try to take an honest approach of painting the specific color relationships that I see to interpret the many light keys that nature provides –that’s what ultimately inspires me. Contact me for class/workshop info, as a painting buddy, or for a personal private lesson.

Sacramento area

Judith Perry

Learn to paint brilliant landscapes in pastel outside and in the classroom! Weekly classes for beginners to intermediate artists! Please go to my website for more information.

San Diego

FW Gregory


Beginner to advanced on site painting lessons