Though anyone can learn to paint on their own, the best and fastest way to learn and avoid frustration is to find someone who can teach you the tricks and techniques. You'll speed your learning process and make bigger strides fast. Most instructors offer workshops, which are a one week course with other students. Some offer private lessons and group lessons you can take daily or weekly.

Use our directory to find an artist in your area. If you don't find one, search 'artist', 'plein air', and your town or area and contact them to see if they teach, or know someone who does. You may also find a plein air club in your area offering classes, and its members may invite you to paint with them.



Ken Davy

I run an informal gathering of Plein Air artists in the area west of Chicago Illinois. Every couple of weeks I pick a spot and send an email to those that have expressed an interest in painting out doors. I mention when and where I’ll be painting and anyone that wants to join me shows up. It’s always fun and once someone tries it they usually come back for more.


Nancie King Mertz

“Pastels are Perfect for Plein Air”, a workshop to share techniques and methods to work quickly with pastels and gain confidence in your work. Nancie King Mertz, PSA-M, CPP-M, IAPS Master Circle



Rick D Wilson Fine Art

I am a Hoosier artist working both en plein air and studio. I especially love painting scenes that evoke emotions of nostalgia and peacefulness. People have enough stress in their lives and I just want to offer something that, even if for a short time, gives them a place to rest.



Fort Madison

Jessica Kirby

I work with a great group of painters in SE Iowa. We meet up in locations all around Iowa, western Illinois and NE Missouri.


Overland Park

R. Gregory Summers

Teaching plein air and studio, beginner to advanced the art of painting the land.



Phillip St. John (Henry Hensche student)

Have deep love for plein air painting, have a lot of experience if you’d like a resource.



Paint Campobello Plein Air Painting Workshops

Plein air painting workshops in Downeast Maine (Lubec) and the Canadian Maritimes (Campobello Island, NB, Canada)


Philip Frey

Philip is an award winning plein air and studio painter based in Maine. He is represented by and and teaches popular plein air painting workshops. Philip will be honored with a solo exhibition at the University of Maine Museum of Art in April 2016.



Christopher Madden

Christopher Madden is the Lead Banknote Picture Engraver in Washington DC. He paints en Plein air as a wonderful counterbalance to the exacting demands of creating the engraved images on U.S. Currency. Painting and color is his passion.