Though anyone can learn to paint on their own, the best and fastest way to learn and avoid frustration is to find someone who can teach you the tricks and techniques. You'll speed your learning process and make bigger strides fast. Most instructors offer workshops, which are a one week course with other students. Some offer private lessons and group lessons you can take daily or weekly.

Use our directory to find an artist in your area. If you don't find one, search 'artist', 'plein air', and your town or area and contact them to see if they teach, or know someone who does. You may also find a plein air club in your area offering classes, and its members may invite you to paint with them.




Sharon Gates

Sharon Gates Fine Art offers workshops for 6-12 adult students with painting experience. Sharon teaches all aspects of plein air painting from equipment, how to pack, plan, and paint outdoors. She also teaches workshops in various color theories, as well as point & shoot photography for the painter. All workshops are intimate and casual with one-on-one involvement from a caring teacher with over 25 years experience.

Sharon is an award winning artist who has studied with Kim English, Kenn Backhaus, Nancy Chaboun and other master artists. Most recently, her work was chosen for exhibition at the Forgotten Coast Plein Air Invitational (Florida). Her work can be seen at

Alabama Plein Air Artists

The Alabama Plein Air Artists schedule a once a month paint out (weekend of painting) in scenic spots around the beautiful state of Alabama, from the foothills of the Appalachians to the pristine white sands of the Gulf of Mexico, but mostly centralized locations for the convenience of our diverse group. Our two biggest paint outs, one in the spring and one in fall, include a Quick Draw competition and Wet Paint Show/Sale. Many of our members teach either studio classes, workshops, or how to paint en plein air.

Our group is all inclusive, welcoming both novice and experienced painters, and offer friendly help and support to involve artists and the general public in learning more about plein air painting. We invite you to join us!



I am a painting beginner. No any basis except full of passion, now I am studying by myself .



Artist Plein Air Painters of Alaska

Alaskan Artist and past President of the Alaska Artists Guild. Member of the Plein Air Painters of Alaska.


Litchfield Park

Kimber Scott

Arizona native, in the west valley area, I will travel for great painting adventures. Just learning the whole plein air thing and I’m always looking for someone to paint with.


Jodi Murphy

One-on-one workshops or painting buddy.


Michael Chesley Johnson Studio

Small-size plein air painrting workshops for all level to advanced and professional.

Paint Sedona Plein Air Painting Workshops

Plein air painting workshops in Sedona, Arizona, and the Verde River Valley area.