Collecting Plein Air Paintings

The plein air movement would be nothing without collectors who love to have energetic plein air paintings on their walls.

There are multiple ways you can collect plein air paintings, and, of course, studio paintings painted by plein air painters, which often originate from an “on location” painting — that is, a painting made “en plein air.”

The world is filled with art galleries that feature paintings by these artists. Some even specialize in paintings done en plein air. We encourage you to visit these galleries; you will find paintings in all price ranges, depending on the gallery and on the reputation of the artist.

Additionally, there are plein air events across the world, where a community invites painters to visit and paint the local landscape, then holds an art show and sale. These are often local fundraising events, and collectors and the public are invited to view and purchase the art. You can find a list of events on this website, and watch your local media for “plein air” events.

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You can also visit a website for plein air collectors,

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